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Berlin Attraction

Things to do and see in Berlin

Whether you are planning your first trip to Berlin or are a regular visitor, one thing is for sure - you will never be lost for choice of ways to fill your break. Berlin is without doubt one of the fastest growing, most exciting, vibrant and diverse cities in Europe and consequently it really is a city that can be whatever you want it to be...

No longer defined by the wall which for so long divided the city, it is now more open and accessible than ever. Echoes of the past can be found on just about every corner in Berlin and you will find getting around a breeze with the efficient and affordable transport network (what else would you expect from the capital of Germany!). Far more cosmopolitan than just about any other German city, you will not be short of things to see and do whether you are staying for two days or a week.

Whatever your penchant, there is a Berlin for you. We understand that it is never easy to decide what to see first so we have come up with some tips and advice to make your life easier...