Hackessher Markt Berlin

When looking at a map of Berlin, many people will naturally look at this area as being in the centre - but remember what we said about this city not having a centre... In some ways, however, it is in the centre. Mitte, literally means middle although that depends on your perspective. It is of course in the middle of today's map but pre-1990 it would have been firmly in the communist controlled East. That said, it is at the centre of much of the tourist fare for first time visitors to the city. Within easy walking distance of Museum Insel (Museum Island) with its impressive array of museums as well as Alexanderplatz with the iconic Fersehturm (TV tower) with its impressive views of the entire city. Also within easy reach is the East Side Gallery (the main remaining piece of the wall, decorated with some incredible art in the form of graffiti). The area also has a decent array of shopping opportunities with many of the big chain stores in this area. For the night owls, it is home to a variety of hip bars, clubs and cocktail joints that will keep you busy well into the wee small hours.

Good for:

* All round entertainment, bars, caf├ęs, restaurants

* Good choice of accommodation options

* Easy access to many of the main sites in the "centre" of Berlin

Not so good for:

Can be noisy and lively late into the night

Can get very crowded