Kreuzberg Berlin Guide

Very much the new kid on the block, Berliners are flocking to the twin suburbs of Kreuzberg and Neukölln in droves as it becomes the hip and trendy place both to live and visit. Traditionally one of the poorer areas of Berlin, Kreuzberg is home to many of the city's ethnic minorities and in particular the substantial Turkish community. Alongside this community you will find artists, left-wing activists, many in Berlin's gay community and others who don't fit the traditional conservative German image. Consequently it is a hugely vibrant district that offers much in terms of an authentic local and personal feel. Neukölln on the other hand is booming due to the rise in property prices following the permanent closure of the city's Tempelhof Airport in 2008. This has led to a surge in the number of bars, restaurants and cafés as well as the number of people calling this once maligned suburb home. Aside from the lively, authentic feel of these areas and the burgeoning club and bar scene, they are also right on the doorstep of the major tourist sites just south of the city centre. They offer a fascinating alternative and affordable base for the more adventurous visitor or perhaps for someone returning to Berlin for a second or third visit.

Good for:

* An alternative view of the new Berlin

* Excellent and ever-changing range of cafés, restaurants, bars and nightclubs

* Affordable yet within easy access of the more traditional Berlin and the tourist sites